【Geothermal Detection】Intelligent Micro Motion Detection of Geothermal Energy

Detection Time: October 2018
Detection Location: Chaohu Lake, Anhui Province
Detection Equipment: Hefei Guowei Micromotion Detector GN209
Detection Purpose: To verify the feasibility of micro motion exploration for geothermal energy by comparing the results of micro motion operations with the actual drilling situation.

Detection Parameters: Triple circle construction, with array radii of 80m, 160m, and 320m, exploration depth of 1000m, acquisition time of 1 hour, and a total of 7 measurement points collected.

Detection Results: Geothermal drilling hole ZK01, designed at 450m, actually completed at 451.73m. The static water level is 14.6m above the ground, the water temperature is 45 °, and the self flow rate is 5.366l/s.

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