Intelligent exploration equipment and service

Providing advanced technology and equipment for geophysical exploration
Make the earth more transparent

Hefei Guowei Electronics Co., a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of geophysical exploration instruments, as well as services. Since established in2009, continually focus on high resolution geophysical exploration core technology and independent R&D

We have adopted the IS09001 certification,IS014001 certification,IS045001 certificationand obtained 81 independent intellectual property rights in the fields of geophysica instruments hardware,software and exploration methods.

We have fully independent intellectual property rights of"Distributed high-precision seismograph","4G real-time intelligent micro seismograph","Short-period 4G seismograph""Node seismograph".The products and technologies are suitable for 2D/3D seismic exploration in petroleum, geology and coal geology, engineering seismic and micro-motion exploration in underground coal mine trough wave seismic exploration, earthquake emergency observation, micro-seismic real-time monitoring of oil and gas fracturing and electromagnetic exploration data acquisition and other fields.



Engineering Investigation
Surveying and mapping, surveying and testing the topography, address and hydrology.
Resource Survey
Identify the deep buried structures and investigate the oil and gas resources and deep geothermal resources.
Geological Assessment
Detection of underground karst cave, fault fracture zone, collapse column, goaf, etc.
Microseismic Monitoring
Based on the microseismic event of rock fracture, the location of micro fracture of underground rock and the corresponding earthquake occurrence time are located.

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