【Geothermal Detection】Micro Motion Detection of Geothermal Energy

Detection Time: December 9-10, 2021
Detection Location: Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province
Detection Equipment: Hefei Guowei Micromotion Detector GN309
Detection Purpose: To investigate the feasibility of using micro motion exploration to find water by setting up a micro motion profile through a drilled hole that has already been constructed for blind measurement, and comparing the results of micro motion operation with the actual situation of the drilling hole.

Detection Parameters: 2D equidistant construction, 20 GN309 tracks with a spacing of 20m, measurement point spacing of 20m, exploration depth of 700m, 13 tracks as a set of array, while collecting 8 measurement points with an exploration depth of 700m, and a collection time of 1 hour.

Detection Conclusion: The comparison between the ZK1 (straight hole) micro motion inversion profile and lithology photos above shows that the lithology of the borehole is relatively broken at an elevation of -450 meters, corresponding to a lower wave velocity. The corresponding elevation on the micro motion profile is also around 450 meters deep, where the wave velocity is relatively low. From the lithological state and the inversion results of microseismic wave velocity, it can be seen that the microseismic wave velocity anomaly is basically consistent with the lithological information.

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